Some stores are giving away the last copies of Babylon's Fall before destroying them

Some stores are giving away the last copies of Babylon’s Fall before destroying them

Some GameStop stores have given away the last copies of Babylon’s Fall before destroying them, as the game will be gone in a few months.

Babylon’s Fall It was… well, let’s just say it wasn’t what Square Enix, Sony, or PlatinumGames expected. An exclusive game for PS4 and PS5 from the prestigious creator of Bayonetta or Vanquish must have been something very big, but unfortunately the game was not up to the task.

So much so that he will see his end without even having reached a year of life. In february 2023 Babylon’s Fall servers will be shut down forever and all content will be deleted. The game will be completely inaccessible, you will not be able to play it offline since it was only online.


Babylon’s Fall – Crossover with NieR Automata

It is not the first time that a game as a service has disappeared, but Babylon’s Fall was not free to play: it was a premium releasefor 60 euros, which even came out in physical format on PS4 and PS5.

These copies have already been withdrawn from most establishments, for obvious reasons. And in the United States, some GameStop franchises have decided to give the game away… which is a way to get it out of the way, since have received orders to destroy them.

What happened to Babylon’s Fall?

Testimonials collected by VGC Y Kotaku They claim that some users in the United States have gone to their local GameStop stores and asked that, instead of throwing the game away, they would give it to them as gifts.

This depends from store to store (many stores no longer had it in stock). The shops have been ordered that get rid of all your copies of Babylon’s Fallsince it is a game that, in five months, will be totally useless.

The truth is that from the beginning the idea was bad: Babylon’s Fall was a paid, full-priced game that offered a decent amount of content, but was plagued by microtransactions and typical game-as-a-service events.

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Very few were willing to pay the price. Those who did found themselves with a hack ‘n’ slash tastelesswith conspicuously poor graphics even by PlatinumGames standards, and whose servers were emptied.

It is common to see in SteamDB that Babylon’s Fall has less than ten players. One time it even only had one active player… who obviously had no one to play this co-op game with.





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