All about the Ibai Pokémon Twitch Cup 2: participants, features, trailer and everything you need to know

All about the Ibai Pokémon Twitch Cup 2: participants, features, trailer and everything you need to know

Ibai presents the Pokémon Twitch Cup 2: trailer of the new game and confirmed the 32 participants of this new series of streamers, which begins on October 6.

pokemon twitch cup It was one of the most successful Ibai-hosted events of the platform last year, and this year promises to be even bigger and better.

As in the first edition, it is a competition played in a purposely made pokemon game for the occasion by modders.

This week, Ibai has presented the second edition, Pokémon Twitch Cup 2022, confirming the 32 participants, in a streaming with BarbeQ (last year’s winner). At the end of the trailer you can also see the game they have created, and as Ibai said, you are going to freak out:


Introducing the Pokémon Twitch Cup 2

All the participants of the Pokémon Twitch Cup 2

Pokémon Twitch Cup 2, or 2022, will kick off on October 6. 32 streamers will participate in this version of Pokémon, which has several differences with respect to Nintendo games… which is why Ibai refused to collaborate with the Pokémon Company in promoting their games: they forced him not to use ROMs, and he said that No.

This is the list of the 32 participants of the Pokémon Twitch Cup 2022… which includes one of the most controversial streamers on the network.

  • Ibai
  • walk
  • beard
  • reven
  • pandarine
  • chuso
  • alexelcapo
  • folagor
  • Zeling
  • skin
  • hitboxking
  • Cristinini
  • Silithur
  • Illojuan
  • Felipez
  • Riobo
  • Juja
  • bleda
  • trolardy
  • Axozer
  • sugus susana
  • grefg
  • Light and
  • girl
  • Karchez
  • abby
  • Daddy Gavi
  • maximus
  • Mayichi
  • paracetamol
  • xokas
  • Mixwell

In this game, if your pokemon is defeated… it dies forever. Also, it works with randomlockewhich makes all the Pokémon that come out random: on the first route you get the same Rattata as an Eevee, or a girl changes a Caterpie for an Articuno: anything can happen, that’s why every moment is special.

For that reason, some of the participants have chosen to have your own “coach”that is, a trainer of trainers, experts in the Pokémon world.

Of course, as we said, this It’s not a Pokémon Red mod, it’s a brand new game., customized for Twitch, on a scale never before seen on any video platform. In fact, the region of this game is called “Twitch”.

A team of 10 people has worked for almost a year to create this game, which (for now, at least) will only be playable by the 32 aspiring Pokémon Masters on Twitch in 2022. October 6 Pokémon Twitch Cup 2 begins!





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