Overwatch 2 Heroes Lead Designer Leaves Activision Blizzard Two Weeks Before Launch

Overwatch 2 Heroes Lead Designer Leaves Activision Blizzard Two Weeks Before Launch

With two weeks to go until Overwatch 2 launches, there has been a significant departure among the Blizzard team members involved in development. Geoff Goodman, hero designer, says goodbye to the company.

Although it may seem untrue, Overwatch 2 will launch in just a few days PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The hero shooter opens more than two years after its announcement.

Due out on October 4th in early access format and free to everyone, Overwatch 2 has an opportunity to retrace the downward trajectory of the first game through increased support from Blizzard.

We have already told you about all the changes in the organizational systems that the game is going to experience, such as a seasonal structure, the launch of a battle pass and more, but recently there has been evidence of a fact that does not usually cause good vibrations between the fans.


Overwatch 2 – Kiriko New Character Trailer

We talk about abandonment of one of the oldest developers of Overwatch. Lead hero designer Geoff Goodman has left Blizzard less than two weeks away from the release of the sequel.

Goodman’s career within the company has been long. World of Warcraft was the first title he worked on before moving on to Titan, the Overwatch prototype that ended up being cancelled. Finally, the designer specialized in the hero shooter of tracer, Genji and company.

The suspicions of the fans about what could be a departure from another high position within the development of Overwatch 2 have ended up being confirmed with this departure. A few weeks ago, Blizzard published several job offers that have ended up being related to the departure of the designer.

Kiriko comes to Overwatch as a new heroine

Goodman leaves us one last character before his departure. Kiriko has been confirmed as the new support heroine coming out with Season 1 of the game. and that all the players of the first Overwatch you can unlock instantly.

To talk a little about its design, Kiriko is a Japanese that picks up a theme already seen in many Japanese products. Wearing a traditional costume and embodying the symbology of the mythical spiritual fox Kitsune, Kiriko is a healer who will give a lot of play on the battlefield.

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Are you ready for the launch of Overwatch 2? Remember that Blizzard has clarified a few doubts for the launch and we already know, among other things, when the servers of the first Overwatch will be closed forever: October 2/3. Play some last games.

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