The icon of Sackboy A big adventure appears in the Steam database… which practically confirms the port for PC

The icon of Sackboy A big adventure appears in the Steam database... which practically confirms the port for PC

Steel’s token (previously leaked as Marmalade) reflects an icon from Sackboy: Big Adventure hosted on the Steam servers. The Sumo Digital and PlayStation title would become compatible.

It’s not the first time we talk about a PlayStation game ported to PC. A few examples have already been given: God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and the most recent of all (which already has a date), Uncharted Collection Legacy of Thieves.

It is a topic discussed on previous occasions. PlayStation is determined to expand its first party titles on PC and mobile devices, not to mention audiovisual products (movies and series).

The fate of Returnal and Sackboy in compatible is more real than ever. Regardless of what happens with the Housemarque roguelike (which already left new clues a week ago), it seems that PlayStation’s lovable rag doll will be next on PC.


Sackboy analysis. A big adventure on PS5

There is no official confirmation, but the evidence is evident. The GeForce leak pointed to the name of Marmalade, which shortly after was translated into Steel’s token in SteamDB.

Without going further, Steel’s file has been updated today in the Steam database, adding new languages ​​and files. But the strongest clue is found below.

As reported VGCin the last few hours the icon of Sackboy: A big adventure has been leaked on the Steam servers. You can see it in this same link.

Sackboy in Horizon

There is no doubt that it is the official icon of the Sumo Digital title. The fact that new languages ​​have been added brings the announcement of the game even closer… which did not happen, however, in the State of Play on September 14.

Do you remember the leak in June? Back in the day, a Reddit user shared a series of screenshots of Sackboy and Returnal for PC, assuring that they would be compatible with DLSS and Ray Tracing.

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There are many other clues that practically confirm the announcement. In the Steel file we can see the tags ”Adventure”, ”3D”, ”Platformer”, ”Co-op” or ”Family Friendly”. Everything fits.

Sackboy: A big time adventure was one of Sony’s first first party titles for PlayStation 5, although it was also released on PS4. If all goes according to plan, Sumo’s 3D adventure will be announced for PC in the next few hours/days.

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