Call of Duty Xbox exclusivity and uncertainty with Activision purchase benefit Battlefield, according to EA CEO

Battlefield 6 would be officially unveiled in May, according to a well-known insider

The war for Call of Duty exclusivity could have a strong benefit for Battlefield, says EA CEO. COD’s rival within the genre could take advantage of the situation that Activision will experience in a few years.

One of the historical rivalries within the video game industry has always been Call of Duty against Battlefield. Although they are quite different sagas, with their own systems and identities, the first person shooter is a very competitive market. Everyone has their weapons.

As it is also hard rivalry between xbox and playstation, which has now increased as we had not seen for years. Everything is due to the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft and how this can favor that Call of Duty ends up being Xbox exclusive one day.


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Technically, Call of Duty will only be able to come out on PlayStation for three more years after the purchase of Microsoft, something that will deeply affect Sony, since the COD saga is one of its strongholds in terms of sales. for now, Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and other deliveries are guaranteed.

We will see how this ends, but as they say: “A troubled river, fishermen profit.” Battlefield could take advantage of all this.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, was speaking at Goldman Sachs (via Seeking Alpha) about all of this and how it might affect Battlefield in the near future.

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Battlefield enters the Call of Duty battlefield

The possibility that Call of Duty ends up being an Xbox exclusive could come in handy for the DICE sagaWilson thinks. Although Battlefield 2042 has not gone well, the company itself recognizes it, the future is still very much alive for the franchise.

I don’t think we’ve published in the last few installments the way we should have.Wilson acknowledged. There is a lot of work we have to do there. But, at its core, this is extraordinary intellectual property. And what we’ve seen in the world of entertainment is that great intellectual property is resilient.

I think we now have an extraordinary creative team involved in Battlefield who have incredible ambitions to own the first-person shooter market.Wilson indicated. We recall that it was recently announced that Battlefield will receive a single player campaign.

In a world where there may be questions about the future of Call of Duty and what platforms it might or might not be on, being platform agnostic and completely cross platform with Battlefield, I think it’s a great opportunity, opined the well-known manager.

What do you think of the war between Battlefield and Call of Duty? Will we see in the future a Battlefield that starts off on the right foot? For now, as we have already said, Call of Duty Modern Warfare II will be released soon, a delivery that has already caught the attention of a few players with their newly deployed weapons.

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