The producer of Final Fantasy XVI confirms a new trailer for October and rumors of a new State of Play are triggered

The producer of Final Fantasy XVI confirms a new trailer for October and rumors of a new State of Play are triggered

The next trailer for Final Fantasy XVI would arrive in October, says its products. “After that, I hope to be able to give a rough idea of ​​when it will go on sale“.

Final Fantasy XVI is going to have a new trailer next month, says its producer Naoki Yoshida. Next October is going to be the chosen month, which increases the rumors about a new State of Play.

Yoshida has mentioned the same at the awards ceremony after accepting it in the ‘future’ category during the past Tokyo Game Show 2020.

He also said that when the new gameplay trailer hits the screens, he’ll be able to talk about when the next ones will arrive.


Final Fantasy XVI gameplay trailer Dominance

We have this information quite detailed thanks to Gematsuwhere it is stated that final fantasy xvi received the Future Division award at Japan Game Awards 2022.

These were held within the framework of the Tokyo Game Show 2022 and it was Yoshida himself who accepted the award on behalf of Square Enix.

The video game fair was also the time for the company to show off new art for Final Fantasy XVI, with a few surprises.

Naoki Yoshida on the new Final Fantasy XVI trailer

Being already on stage, they went a bit to the knife with the questions. One of them was: “During an interview in June, he said that the next, new information would come this fall…“.

To which Yoshida answered: “I haven’t had a chance to talk to the marketing or PR teams yet at all, so I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say.

But I think we’ll probably be able to show the next trailer in the next month or so… And after that, I hope I’ll be able to give a rough idea of ​​when it’s going to be released.“.

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Among the novelties of the game it seems that Final Fantasy struggles to adapt to industry trends, information that assured the own Naoki Yoshida.

Although the former final fantasy xvi trailer also had a delay war in ukraine: Yoshi-P recorded a message before showing it.

Among other new features of the game are those of the British dubbing and comments about why it does not have turn-based combat and its no open world.

Incidentally, Square Enix registered Radec Engine, a new graphics engine that we will most likely see in future games from the company.

final fantasy xvi is scheduled for a release on PlayStation 5 during the summer of 2023, still without a fixed date.





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