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The back glass of the standard and Plus iPhone 14 is easy to remove

The presentation of iPhone 14 and its Pro variants has been, like almost every year, the biggest event of the year in the world of mobility, and it is that Apple is capable of causing fascination even among those who cannot afford its products. Obviously, the fact that the iPhone, over the years, has increasingly established itself as the reference high-end smartphone has a great influence here.

Barring a catastrophe, the different models of the iPhone 14 should show themselves as great smartphones (another thing is the preferences and opinions of each one), but leaving aside their characteristics and virtues, one of the most interesting points is the “facilities” offered when it comes to being repaired. Here it seems that at least the Standard and Plus versions have scored somewhat due to the fact that they allow the glass back to be easily removed.

The ability to remove the back of the device is a bit of a surprise on Apple’s part, as the last time it allowed it to do so was a decade ago with the iPhone 4s, which was released in 2011. Since then, successive generations of the smartphone line have required disassembling the entire device in order to replace the rear glass, although it is also possible to open the standard iPhone 14 and Plus from the front.

If we say only the standard and Plus versions of the iPhone 14, it is because the situation may not be the same for Pro and Pro Max models, whose rear parts might not be so easy to remove. Easy rear removal is only confirmed for the Standard and Plus variants at the moment, and even then you need to have the knowledge and practical skills to do it safely, so if you don’t have it or are unsure, His thing is to resort to a qualified technician if the guarantee cannot be asserted.

The ease of removing the rear glass from the standard and Plus iPhone 14 may be due to an attempt to reduce costs by Apple, especially seeing that it is one of the parts that breaks the most. The Decreased repair time would help reduce labor costs.

Adding to the ease of removing the glass back is Apple’s new repair policy, which now offers, at least in the US, unlimited discounted repairs for AppleCare+ customers. With this move, the Cupertino giant competes with existing breakage insurance plans.





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