RazerCon 2022 will be held on October 15 and will feature new product and game announcements

RazerCon 2022 will be held on October 15 and will feature new product and game announcements

Razer has announced the celebration of the third edition of RazerCon, the digital event that not only celebrates the world of gaming, but also serves as a showcase to announce new brand products, as well as new games, its latest environmental actions and much more.

Razercon 2022 It already has a date. It will be on October 15, and it will be a digital event presented by Rich Campbell and Cyr, members of OTK. It will be a carbon neutral event, given that Razer is one of the brands most committed to the environment.

After a year full of launches, from the new Razer Blade 14 “to the Razer Barracuda Pro headphones, in this new appointment the new products of the brand will be announced, among many other things.

Like previous RazerCon, the event will feature a keynote speech by Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of Razer, and during the presentation there will be no shortage of exclusive adsboth from the manufacturer and its partners, entertainment-oriented moments and surprise appearances.

RazerCon 2022 will once again be the most important event of the year for the manufacturer, sponsored by brands such as Qualcomm and presented by Intel, Facebook Gaming, Twinkly, Verizon and Displate.

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During the event, which will be broadcast live, There will also be no shortage of previews of upcoming games. We’re talking about studios and publishers like Merge Games, Rogue Games, Thunderful, Notorious Studios, Apogee Entertainment, and Hidden Leaf Games.

All sprinkled with performances and interventions from the world of entertainment, contests and gifts, and much more.

RazerCon 2022 will be broadcast live on the brand’s official channels on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube, with a pre-event starting at 18:00 CEST (Spanish peninsular time) and an hour later the main event will start, which will last until 1:00 CEST on October 16.

for now, RazerCon 2022 It will have the following confirmed segments:

  • Pre-event with options to win Awards from Razer and partners (from September 15 to October 15). Registration on the web RazerCon.
  • Keynote address by Min-Liang Tan, CEO and co-founder of Razer, with brand announcements
  • Update on sustainability policies and actions #GoGreenWithRazer
  • Razer New Product Presentations
  • Presentations of new games from studios such as Merge Games, Rogue Games, Thunderful, Notorious Studios, Apogee Entertainment and Hidden Leaf Games.
  • Content and presentations from the event’s partner brands: Intel, Facebook Gaming, Twinkly and Displate.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said: “RazerCon is our current flagship event for our fans, and since its inception it has gotten bigger with each passing year.”

“The Razer ecosystem continues to grow, from industry-leading gaming hardware, software used by more than 200 million gamers worldwide, and services tailored to them. This year will be our biggest RazerCon to date, and we look forward to sharing news and updates on new Razer products and services for our fans.”

So, now you know: on October 15 you have an appointment with RazerCon 2022the digital event with which the brand celebrates the world of video games.





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