Nintendo 3DS is updated to version 11.16.0-49, now available: these are the patch notes

Nintendo 3DS is updated to version 11.16.0-49, now available: these are the patch notes

The Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS are updated to software version 11.16.0-49, here are the full patch notes. Although we can already tell you that these types of improvements love to be very stable.

Nintendo 3DS has been updated again, this time to the version is software 11.16.0-49 which is already available: these are the patch notes that the company includes.

After the last system update on Wii U and 3DS that was seen at the end of August, Nintendo itself has released another one; just in case someone rested on their laurels.

This leaves a new version on the laptop with a very complete patch note, courtesy of the support website offered by the company.


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As we told you last month, these types of updates on consoles that are no longer officially supported are usually a bit monotonous.

In this case, he offers a phrase already known and equal to that of August: “Other general system stability improvements and other minor tweaks have been made to improve the user experience“.

And just like those many other times, the dataminer OatmealDome has shed a little more light as to what this new and unexpected nintendo 3ds update.

Apparently there was a typo when appearing on Nintendo’s customer support phone with a “missing digit” in this.

Version 11.16.0-49 has been released as a minor revision of the previous firmware. The only change is to fix a bug in the text added in the last update“.

It is perhaps why they have had to update again and therefore the homebew has no effect and it is safe to update the portable console.

Although the information is expanded thanks to SNBeast: “From dissected the entire update 11.16.0-49 of the Nintendo 3DS update.

The only changes have been to fix a typo in the number when calling US services and Japan was changed from 1-800-255-370 to 1-800-255-3700“.

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The previous one Nintendo 3DS version 11.16.0-48 update it was also for system stability, but at the same time included certain updates to the 3DS eShop, browser, and other areas.

Although all of this comes during the period set for saying goodbye to the 3DS and Wii U eShop, as nintendo spain set the day when it will no longer be possible to buy games and DLC on consoles.

Here we tell you in passing how to make purchases in the Wii U and 3DS eShop after closing.

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