Ways to upgrade your home at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ways to upgrade your home at Disney Dreamlight Valley

These are the different upgrades that we have available to expand and also customize our home in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Thanks to the playable experience of Disney Dreamlight Valley we have the possibility of having our own house, customizing it and also improving it, a procedure that is unlocked from the beginning, but that may have certain factors that you must know to understand how it works.

But there are a series of aspects that you should know beforehand, the exact moment in which we can unlock the improvements of the house, and later those improvements that we can make, and their respective prices.

so we tell you how to upgrade the house in disney dreamlight valleyand what are the pertinent improvements in which you should bet to have the best personalized house.


Disney Dreamlight Valley – In-Depth Gameplay

Ways to upgrade your home at Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first and most important thing is to know when the improvement and customization of the house can be unlocked, and for this we must first help Scrooge McDuck to attract more customers to his business, which will give us the mission Economy 101. Basically the only thing that What we have to do is sell Goofy gems of any kind, gems that you can extract from those big black rocks that are found in the rock walls of each of the biomes.

After completing the above we must go talk to Scrooge McDuck again and he will tell you to invest money to improve the house.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

So as soon as we look inside the house, we find a kind of blue elevator next to the exit, which is the entrance to the menu that allows you to expand the house.

The first upgrade will cost around 1,000 coins and will allow the first room in the house to be slightly larger, as well as adding more rooms to the first floor.

As soon as we buy the first update, we will also be able to change the exterior appearance of the house and for this you will notice a sign outside the house with Scrooge McDuck wearing a helmet. As soon as you interact with the sign you will be offered the option to upgrade the home for the price of 2000 coins.

Finally, we will be offered a couple more improvements that not only change the appearance of the house, but also add more storage space. Note that these upgrades cost 20,000 coins and another 75,000 coins.

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