Is the Hispanic Rewind 2022 in danger? Ibai talks about the controversy and thinks about the different ways in which it could be financed

Is the Hispanic Rewind 2022 in danger?  Ibai talks about the controversy and thinks about the different ways in which it could be financed

The Rewind Hispano 2022 could not be done this year, at least that is what its creator alecmolon warns. Ibai has spoken of the controversy and expressed his opinion at the same time on the different ways in which it could be financed.

The Hispanic Rewind 2022 Is in danger? “If you don’t move now, there will be no Rewind.“This is what Alecmolon has sentenced on his Twitter, but Ibai talks about it and the ways in which it could be financed.

One thing is clear and that is that in October 2021 the YouTube Rewind said goodbye foreversomething that did not happen since Thegrefg set out to save him as he explained in a direct.

In a clip we can see picked up through the TikTok by gossipyoutubers listening: “The saddest reality is that last year there was a Rewind because I offered to put ALL the money for the project […] the premiere, then uploaded to the channel.

Many people believed that we were not going to publish this, that we were going to smoke it and that people were not going to be told, controversy broke out and everyone said ‘Ah, we all paid for it’; made“.

But now this new one comes out alecmolon’s tweet where he affirms that these two months creators interested in supporting the project have written to him and with “I’m really looking forward to the release of this new edition.“.

Although the negative part is not being enough to reach last year’s budget, therefore “We have not been able to start the pre-production of Rewind Hispano 2022 this week, as we had planned“.

Now comes the bulk of this whole topic: “I am writing this with the support of more creators to let you know that if any creator who has not yet been informed wants to support the project, contact me privately“.

And this is where the topic of Ibai comes in, in which start by saying who has made his contribution like last year. What is the problem? “That the creators themselves have to finance it, that many appear in the video and others do not“.

Ibai says that the reality is that there is no money for him Hispanic Rewind 2022, although he says he believes that it will be done. Mostly because he has gone through his accounts and makes this clear, but he counts even more.

I think there is a problem with Rewind Hispano, because funding each year by the creators is rare. […] but it is true that a little reflection on where this is going to go.

The problem is that there may come a time in 2025 or 2027 when someone is fed up with paying the Rewind, sees all the money put in the videos and says: ‘I don’t feel like paying anymore’; and you are within your rights“.

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It says there are two options: “Or YouTube pays for it […] that he is not going to pay for it or put aside his egos and that a brand pays for everything; that alecmolon passes the accounts and everything goes to the video“.

Although he ends by saying that there will be those who say that the essence is lost, it is different because of the brand “they take advantage of my image and I am Will Smith“and more cases there may be.

Can you keep thinking of a Hispanic Rewind 2022 after knowing all this? We will see it on PC and / or mobile if it happens in the end.

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