Apple introduces the second generation AirPods Pro

Apple presenta los AirPods Pro de segunda generación

Although the great protagonists of Apple’s Far Out event have been the new iPhone 14, the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra, those from Cupertino have also taken advantage of the event for a more anticipated product update, with the presentation of the second generation AirPods Pro. And it is that we must remember that the first generation was presented in 2019 and that at the time they left us with a very good taste in our mouths, but that a renovation was already necessary.

At first glance, it may give the impression that there have been no major changes, since aesthetically the design is quite similar. This, however, is quite understandable, since the design of the first generation was already very successful, so introducing large changes in this regard could have been counterproductive. However, there are some very interesting changes, and they fully justify the generational leap.

On the one hand, in these second generation AirPods Pro the entire cylindrical portion of each earcup becomes a touch control surface, thus facilitating access to multiple functions, such as volume control, pausing and restarting playback, changing the track we are listening to or invoking Siri, functions that we can control in this way. This improvement will be especially useful when we use them while we walk or, especially, during the practice of sports activities.

Although aesthetically the charging case is also very similar to that of the previous generation, we also find some very interesting novelties in it. The most notable is that now features the U1 locator chip, which will provide a much more precise location when using Apple’s search function. Additionally, it now has a speaker capable of reproducing high-pitched tones that will be of great help in locating the case. And as a personalization detail, Apple now allows you to customize the case with a personal Memoji or Animoji. In addition, the case now also allows charging with the Apple Watch charger.

Already inside, we find the integrated Apple H2, responsible for the active noise cancellation functions and that cCancels up to twice the noise of the first generation AirPods Pro. Additionally, they also have the adaptive ambient sound mode, which avoids the risks of absolute sound insulation when, for whatever reason (from waiting for communications to walking down the street), it is not recommended.

In addition, he is also responsible for something highly anticipated in this generation, and that is that AirPods Pro already support spatial audio, the positional sound system introduced by Apple last year, and which already has a wide selection of compatible recordings on Apple Music. There’s also what’s new in the transducer responsible for sound reproduction. In this new version of the same, which equips a custom amplifier, the distortion in bass reproduction is reduced, which gains in nuances, and therefore improves the general sharpness of the sound.

There are also improvements in terms of its autonomy, which goes from four and a half hours of the previous generation to six hours with active noise cancellationof this new version. For its part, the charging case is capable of providing up to four full charges, so the autonomy, as a whole, rises up to thirty hours.

Regarding prices and dates, the second generation AirPods Pro can be reserved starting next Friday, September 9 on the Apple website, and the first units will reach its users and stores on Friday, September 23. Its price will be €299.

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