World Of Anterra announces its Kickstarter: this is the fantasy RPG that mixes the best of Skyrim with the SNES retro

World Of Anterra announces its Kickstarter: this is the fantasy RPG that mixes the best of Skyrim with the SNES retro

A new RPG project has caught the attention of fans of the fantasy genre. World Of Anterra has announced its Kickstarter and watch out because it is a game that promises nostalgia and quality.

The world of RPG pixel art that evokes that golden age of the genre in past console generations has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to the rise of a number of interesting projects seeking funding.

We have had many games of this type and if you are always on the lookout for new proposals… precisely today we bring you a very promising one. It’s already been presented World Of Anterra, which seeks funding with a campaign of kickstarter.

Created under the 81monkeys team, World Of Anterra is a clear commitment to an open world, which smells like a modern classic, where the role and combat are the basic pillars of its development with inspirations in games like Skyrim.

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Following a beautiful pixel art with aerial perspective as many enjoyed SNES games, this title invites us to explore a world full of regions and ecosystems of all kinds and with a variety of creatures typical of any medieval fantastic imagery.

Anterra is teeming with life, from tiny insects to hulking creatures. NPCs live their lives following daily routines, while also dynamically responding to events in the world as well as the player. World of Anterra is designed to be freely explored at your own pace, reads the description of the game.

World Of Anterra is supported by a simple combat, but at the same time addictivewhich in turn is intertwined with the skills that a conversational adventure could have through its dialogues that give rise to a non-linear story.

Among the many details presented on Kickstarter (whose campaign has already achieved two of its objectives) we point out several important ones, such as the customization of our protagonistits good graphic quality, will be available in Spanish or that it will have cooperative multiplayer.

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The development team is made up of several professionals from the sector with 25 years of experience and more than 30 titles released, among which stand out Hearthstone, Outer Wilds, Bomberman Live, and the GameBoy Advance Spyro the Dragon trilogy.

World Of Anterra plans to launch on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mac in 2023 in digital format. At this time, the campaign has reached €150,946 with more than 3,000 backers. What do you think?

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