Leaked Silent Hill 2 Remake, an image of the alleged game in development by Bloober Team appears

Leaked Silent Hill 2 Remake, an image of the alleged game in development by Bloober Team appears

An image of the supposed Silent Hill 2 Remake that Bloober Team is developing has appeared on the networks -Twitter-, a project that has been rumored for months and of which nothing is clear yet.

It seems that we are getting closer to seeing the return of Silent Hill 2, at least if these new leaks are accurate and the supposed Silent Hill 2 Remake by Bloober Team It is a reality at last.

In the forums of ResetEra A few images shared through Twitter have appeared, although some of them -the most important and clear- have already been deleted along with the tweet.

There is only one message left on the social network of the little bird that prays: “First Leaked Image Of Silent Gill 2 Remake Supposedly In Development By Bloober Team“.

The image is not very clear, but it seems to be James Sunderland with his back to the camera and focusing on some kind of room with the flashlight; all this overshadowed by two phrases: “no one has been here“.

In user Andrew Marmo’s own answers, this leave the rest of the images already deleted. It is not known if by the author himself or by copyright complaint. Marmo cites as source this accountwhich has protected tweets.

Now, Dusk Golem -known insider- I have answered in the forums: “They’re real, but they’re no CLOSE to the final product. They are part of an internal demo by Bloober before they were greenlit.

[…] beyond what could have been leaked, this is not the final aspect of the game“The insider comments that Konami was looking for a premiere in the summer of 2018 and this was one of those that had the green light.

But take it for what it is, a proof of concepts without budget of a concept demo“. It is clear that we have nothing clear, although this project was rumored in May by Bloober.

Of course, the study has been silent since then, assuring that they would announce their new games. So what are the new details and images that leaked from a new game in the saga?

All this has been rumored for more than a year, since it was learned that Konami and Bloober Team had announced a collaboration agreement.


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Although the Director Christophe Gans I already said that Konami is preparing new games and a third Silent Hill movie, with the Japanese studio you never know.

In fact, it has been said that it has at least three Silent Hill games in production, including an episodic one, now that news remains to be seen.

Konami will announce a new game in a “worldwide beloved” saga at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, will we see this course Silent Sill 2 Remake?

Various sources deny that the Konami’s new game is from the Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania sagasmaybe a smaller game.





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