How to complete the Saints Row Drawing Heat mission despite the bugs (shooting the cops on top of the highway)

How to complete the Saints Row Drawing Heat mission despite the bugs (shooting the cops on top of the highway)

While there’s a bug that can prevent you from clearing a mission in Saints Row, there are ways to shoot those cops up on the highway… if you’re well armed.

Saints Row players have noticed that since launch there is a bug that occurs in the Drawing Heat missionand that it is driving the players who suffer from it crazy because it makes completing it impossible.

The situation is quite sticky. The mission itself is simple, you just have to defend the gang in the middle of a police robbery. The problem is that some policemen will come out on a freeway overpass, which they should go out on the streetso you won’t be able to shoot them unless you’re armed with heavy weapons.

Volition will likely release a patch, but just in case, there are other methods to get rid of the cops in case the sniper doesn’t come out… using brute force.


Saints Row (2022): this is the first mission of the game, “P * to first day”

How to shoot highway cops if you get the bug in Drawing Heat

This mission occurs after Aggressive Recruitment, and you have three criminal businesses throughout the city of Santa Ileso.

The mission will have you meet up with Neenah and drive to the heist, which will be interrupted by two waves of cops. The first ones you can easily dispatch on the street, but a group of cops will shoot you from a highway overpass.

These cops should be out on the street, but if they come out on top of the highway, you won’t be able to kill them if you’re not well armed. You also cannot use a sniper rifle, as you unlock it after this mission.

To defeat them, make sure you have RPG ammunition to be able to shoot them from afar. Another option is leaving a helicopter in the mission area before the mission occurs. You can steal the helicopter from the prison and leave it in the mission area, to use it to get to the cops above.

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