CORSAIR iCUE y Philips Hue, control unificado

CORSAIR iCUE and Philips Hue, unified control

Interior lighting options have evolved substantially over the years. It seems like only yesterday that we began to see the first dimmers in spaces previously occupied by switches. Then lighting schemes began to become popular, a subtle introduction of colors and, from there, the revolution, with companies such as Philips and its lighting solutions, Philips HUEas well as with intelligent environmental systems such as Ambilight.

For their part, gaming systems have also become a clear exponent of what can be achieved with LED lighting systems, and in this area CORSARIR iCUE is one of the most relevant actorswith all kinds of components and accessories with LED lighting and with its iCUE software, which allows the lighting of all the components to be managed in a coordinated manner, which can also be synchronized with images, music, games, etc.

One of the main problems with lighting solutions is that, on many occasions, they are not compatible with each other, which prevents all the lighting elements in a room from being used uniformly. However, today we have very good news in this regard, and that is that CORSAIR is working with Signify to integrate Philips Hue smart lighting into the CORSAIR iCUE software ecosystem. In this way, users can now control the lighting of the entire room with dynamic lighting effects and gradients, which can also be synchronized with the actions monitored by CORSAIR software.

To make the synchronization process as easy as possible, iCUE automatically recognizes the Philips Hue Bridge (the device responsible for controlling the Philips iCUE lighting elements), for which we only have to activate the integration from the CORSAIR software. From now on, users will be able to manage the light bulbs. Philips Hue light strips and other RGB lights (support for Philips Hue Play gradient light tubes and Philips Hue Signe gradient lights coming soon.) in the same way they do with CORSAIR devices and components iCUE, thereby extending the setup iCUE beyond the PC for even more immersive color environments.

«Philips Hue is an innovative industry leader in creating smart lighting experiences for the entire room and we are delighted to join CORSAIR iCUE and Philips Hue.said Kevin Wasielewski, Executive Director of Alliance Partnerships at CORSAIR. «Thanks to the simplicity and ease of iCUE, changing the lighting of the entire PC room has never been easier. With nearly the entire range of Philips Hue smart lighting now available from your desktop, you can use iCUE software with Philips Hue to create the ultimate RGB lighting environment.«.

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