ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini

ROCCAT Introduces Vulcan II Mini Gaming Keyboard

ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini is the latest optical-mechanical keyboard from the peripheral brand gaming for PC from Turtle Beach Corporation and arrives as an improved evolution of the original Vulcan.

There is no shortage of good gaming keyboards as you could see in our recent product guide and this specialized brand has quite a few in its catalogue. Vulcan II Mini bet on a small size (65% the size of a standard keyboard), but retains the arrow keys and mounts five additional keys, providing plenty of room for the mouse movements required by faster-paced games.

The key to any keyboard worth its salt is its keys and for the occasion the new Vulcan mounts the optical switches ROCCAT TITAN II. Intended for competitive games that require speed, accuracy, and fast keystrokes, they promise a “drive at the speed of light” and have a durability rating of 100 million keystrokes. One of the novelties of this model is that they are optimized to be compatible with keys from other brands thanks to an improved transparent casing.

Its exterior maintains quality with a anodized aluminum housing which ensures structural integrity and enables ROCCAT’s AIMO RGB lighting technology, which can be synchronized with other products that support this technology.

The Vulcan II Mini claims to be the world’s first keyboard with the technology Dual LED Smart Key. PC gamers can rely on keystrokes thanks to 30 multi-function Dual LED Smart Keys that allow them to better see when secondary functions are activated.

Smart Keys are combined with the EasyShift function [+] from ROCCAT with which users can program a second layer of functions, so that the mini keyboard retains the functions of a full-size keyboard. Players will be able to save up to five profiles RGB custom lighting, key mapping, and other features directly into the keyboard’s internal memory for easy use on different computers.

The ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini includes a detachable USB-C cable (optionally in a different color for further customization) and will be available in black or white finishes. It can be booked at and in the retail channel, and will be available from September 29 with a price of 149.99 euros. Small, but powerful the new Vulcan from ROCCAT.





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