Nintendo updates the Wii U and 3DS system by surprise, although without major changes

Nintendo updates the Wii U and 3DS system by surprise, although without major changes

Nintendo launches system updates for 3DS and Wii U by surprise, although many users will already know why they are due and why they have done it right now.

Nintendo has released an update of the Wii U and 3DS system by surprise as perhaps no one expected more firmware changes. Of course, it is not that either of the two have major changes in their systems.

It may be National Dead Systems Day at Nintendo offices -as they say from gameranx– since these two great changes come to the already deceased nintendo consoles.

First of all, let us remind you that yesterday, August 29, 2022, Nintendo eliminated the possibility of adding funds to consoles through Nintendo eShop Cardsalthough download codes can continue to be redeemed until March 2023.


wii u unboxing

This is one more step for the goodbye to the 3DS and Wii U eShop: nintendo spain also set the day when it will no longer be possible buy games and DLC on these consolesbut that already next 2023.

Now what the company has done is publish and update the systems of both machines. On the one hand Wii U to see. 5.5.6 U and on the other Nintendo 3DS to see. 11.16.0-48U.

As we say this may surprise some, but of course the patch notes of the two certainly not. In both cases, Nintendo has labeled them as updates to give “system stability improvements“.

This is usually the case where there are minor firmware changes and they are not all that important. In fact, some nintendo switch updates they usually offer these terse patch notes.

Although in many cases the Nintendo OatmealDome data miner on Twitter he sometimes publishes what he has found in this type of update, because there are usually things hidden despite the improved stability.

According to data, Nintendo 3DS has changes in your web browser, the buddy system and your own firmware and the eShop. In the case of wii u changes they have arrived at wii u menu and the user configuration.

For now, there are no specific details of the two, only these changes discovered by the user who browses between the files.

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Just like his own OatmealDome points out via Twitter on nintendo 3ds updatethis has quite possibly been done to coincide with the changes already implemented in the eShop of both machines.

After all, and as we told you at the beginning, the exact moment when firmware updates arrive could not be more “casually“.

Although it is not for good that it does not come – or so it is usually said – since all the services of the Pokémon Bank will become free from March 2023.

Although the closure of the Wii U and 3DS eShop means the permanent loss of more than 1,000 games, something that was criticized by an organization for the preservation of video games.

What’s more, Nintendo was waiting for the 10th anniversary of Wii U before closing its eShop and YouTube together with Crunchyroll announce its definitive cessation on Wii U.

The sun is about to set on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.





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