The Last of Us Part I preload starts tomorrow on PS5

The Last of Us Part I preload starts tomorrow on PS5

All those who have purchased The Last of Us Part I will be able to download and install the game starting tomorrow (August 26) on PlayStation 5.

If we had to decide which was the best PlayStation 3 game, It is possible that The Last of Us has all the ballots. Not surprisingly, Naughty Dog’s masterpiece led to an excellent sequel, an adaptation as an HBO Max series, and even a remaster on PS4.

After dazzling all gamers, Joel and Ellie’s exciting journey reaches a new goal. The Last of Us Part I is the remake of the Naughty Dog title for PS5, which will also come to PC at a later date.

will be the next september 2 when The Last of Us Part I is available in stores. We have already played it, and in fact you will be able to read our analysis on Hobby Consoles from August 31. Here you can see its launch trailer in Spanish.


The Last of Us Part I – Comparison of PS4 and PS5 with the remaster

Much has been said about this remake, which not only updates the original’s graphics and engine, but also adds new models, accessibility features, and even small mechanics.

The Last of Us Part I is much more ambitious than the remaster released on PS4. no wonder that take up more disk space than this versionsomething that we already confirmed from its official file on the PS Store.

It is possible that you pre-ordered The Last of Us Part I in the Sony digital store. If this is your case, surely you want to know when the preload is on PS5. And that is what we are going to tell you.

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake

Via the unofficial Naughty Dog Central account we can see a capture that confirms the preload date. The image indicates that the game will be downloadable and installable tomorrow.

In other words, from tomorrow, August 26, you can activate the preload of The Last of Us Part I. This includes the download of the game on PS5, as well as the installation. Be careful, you will not be able to play until its launch.

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PlayStation 5 - PS5PlayStation 5 - PS5

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The Last of Us Part I will hit stores next september 2available in Playstation 5. Later, on a date to be determined, the version for pc. It will be the first time that the work of Naughty Dog reaches compatible.





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