Techland releases new Dying Light 2 patch with AMD FSR 2.0, DX12 fix, improved graphics and more

Techland releases new Dying Light 2 patch with AMD FSR 2.0, DX12 fix, improved graphics and more

Dying Light 2 Community Patch #1 is the new patch released by Techland for the zombie action game. With AMD FSR 2.0, improved graphics, DX12 fixes and other improvements, the title is updated.

Techland has released Community Patch #1 of Dying Light 2, with important novelties such as AMD FSR 2.0 support, graphics improvement, DX12 fix and much more.

Now that the Bloody Ties DLC has come to present itself as the content that expand the story with new plots and activitiesit’s time to update again before anything else.

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Trailer Bloody Ties – Announcement Trailer

To begin with (and thanks to what we read through DSOGaming), Techland has been in charge of publishing the Dying Light 2 new patch: Stay Human; who else, right?

The Polish studio has published this very thing in an attempt to solve the problems that the game has, in addition to presenting a series of improvements requested by the community with your feedback.

Going into some more details, this Dying Light 2 Community Patch #1 what it adds is a AMD FSR 2.0 supportsupport for scaling technology.

Also, this patch improves GPU memory management on PC in DX12 modeespecially when Ray Tracing is used in the game.

This is the image that you are surely looking for when it comes to seeing news of the game in the new and most recent update.

Dying Light 2 Community Patch #1

As you can see in the image, Techland has also left some changes in the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Dying Light 2.

Such as functionality in 4K modes at 30 FPS, Balance Mode in both (with Xbox Series X improved resolution in this field) and VRR for Performance Mode in PS5.

The Dying Light 2: Stay Human players They will also see certain visual improvements when walking around the world, such as the addition of a new TAA and the improvement of the texture filter.

These are the stands for Temporary Anti-Aliasinga temporary smoothing method for game performance on target platforms.

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Similarly there is also a new improvement of the ambient occlusion in the space of the screen that aims to improve the graphics even more.

The studio techland also added a color grading option to make the game look similar to the 2019 game intros; kind of gritty effect.

Not only that, but the team has added an option to disable Chromatic Aberration in Dying Light 2.

steam and consoles They’re going to download the patch the next time you log in to the game, so stay tuned for what’s coming.

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