Twitch has achieved 1.7 billion hours viewed during the month of July

Twitch has achieved 1.7 billion hours viewed during the month of July

Twitch manages to amass 1,700 million hours of viewing by platform users and all that only during the past month of July.

Twitch shares its data figures in terms of total views on the streaming platform, since during July has achieved 1,700 million hours viewed.

On the other hand, and taking into account other data, FacebookGaming has added 425 million hours and YouTube Gaming accumulated 292 million in total.

This data is collected and shared in turn by the medium GamesIndustry.bizwhich indicates that July has been a month similar to June for Twitch.


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The last july Twitch has seen such accumulated viewing rates according to figures that can be consulted in the monthly report State of the Stream from StreamElements and

The streaming service recorded 1.7 billion hours viewed in July. But all this is futile if we take into account that it does not exceed the two billion views that recorded in January.

For its part, FacebookGaming it has recorded almost the same number of viewers in July as in June and does not see many notable changes on its platform.

Thus, he achieved 424 million hours of viewing, although somewhat more than the previous month of June when he achieved 425 million in total.

The YouTube Gaming Platform has seen a similar increase with its 292 million hours watched in July and up from 290 million last month; slight, but increased after all.

During the month Twitch has continued with the same games as the most viewed on the platform, these are Minecraft, Garena Free FireApex Legends, Valorant, League of Legends, GTA Online, Fortnite or Battleground Mobile Indie.

On the other hand and on YouTube, games like Monster Hunter Rise and Fall Guys saw an increase in their viewers after the new content updates.

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Games that have huge ratings success when they are released slowly decline until a new update reinvigorates the fanbase.says Jason Krebs, Commercial Director of StreamElements.

In the case of MHR it was the expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak which has increased this and in the case of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout perhaps its passage to the free model.

This is what happened with Fall Guys and Monster Hunter Rises, whose viewing hours increased by more than 130%.

The bottom line for brands is never to underestimate the power of a critically acclaimed game update to make it relevant again and supercharge a partnership campaign.“.

Although the Just Chatting category on Twitch still way ahead of some very popular games like League of Legends, GTA V and/or Valorant.

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