Twin Cobra, Zero Wing and other Toaplan arcades are coming to PC

Twin Cobra, Zero Wing and other Toaplan arcades are coming to PC

Bitwave Games announces that they will launch Toaplan’s most legendary arcade games on Steam. You can now take a look at the Zero Wing and Out Zone tabs.

When we talk about legendary arcade and shoot ’em up games, the name of Toaplan comes out in all the rankings. It is not for less, because the Japanese company knew how to carve out a success remembered more than 30 years later.

Incredible as it may seem, many of Toaplan’s arcades had not yet debuted on PC. This will change soon, after the acquisition by the giant Embracer Group.

This has been confirmed Bitwave Games, which currently owns the rights to Toaplan and its most iconic arcade games. On their official website they reveal more details and the titles that will make the leap to compatible.


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Greetings, friends! Today we are excited to announce that we are diving into the era of classic arcade games and releasing a series of classic titles from iconic Japanese developer Toaplan on PC!”, could be read in the statement.

Be careful, because these are improved versions compared to the original ones. Bitwave has smoothed out the graphics, adding a very easy mode and even rewind functions to round out the experience.

In addition, all of them will have online leaderboards, a personalized interface and even Steam achievements. Best of all, these four won’t be the only Toaplan arcades to be ported.

These are the Toaplan arcades Coming to Steam:

  • Truxton
  • Twin Cobra
  • OutZone
  • zero wing

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Of those four titles, two already have a file on Steam and it is possible to add them to the wish list of the platform. Toaplan arcades will arrive separately and also in a bundle.

We remind you that some of these games can also be enjoyed on consoles. In fact, we already told you about these spectacular reissues available in Europe.

what arcade Toaplan Do you want to revive more? At the moment there is no specific release date, although Bitwave Games specifies that all four games will arrive on Steam later this year.





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