Embracer Group's new acquisitions: Limited Run Games, Singtrix, Tuxedo Labs, Tripwire Interactive and more

Embracer Group’s new acquisitions: Limited Run Games, Singtrix, Tuxedo Labs, Tripwire Interactive and more

Embracer Group has announced early in the morning of August 18 that it has acquired multiple companies. Between development studios like Tripwire Interactive and companies like Limited Run Games, this time it’s all very mixed.

To the purchases of studies in 2022 we must add the new ones of Embracer Groupwhich grows with up to 8 new companies that are already and are part of the conglomerate.

The full list reads Bitwave Games, Gioteck, Limited Run Games, Middle-earth Enterprises, Singtrix, Tatsujin, Tripwire Interactive, and Tuxedo Labs.

But it is that in addition to all this they have formed and established a new operative group called from now on Embracer Freehold.


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Virtually every purchase has its own link to the Embracer Group websiteas is the case with Limited Run Games, Middle-earth Enterprises, singtrix, Tripwire Interactive Y TuxedoLabs.

Also and about the new operating group Embracer Freemode, confirm that it is an operating group formed by some gaming and entertainment companies owned by Embracer.

Freemode provides a global ecosystem of strategic, operational and financial support for its collective of small and medium-sized businesses to achieve operational efficiency and effectively grow their businesses to meet their long-term goals.“.

Additionally, it will expand its operational activities in the retro, classic and heritage gaming category, as well as investment in iconic gaming and entertainment properties.

Taking a break from game purchases, Embracer Group announces the purchase of Middle-earth Enterprises. This gives them IP rights from the literary works of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien.

It is not known how this will influence other game projects based on said works, such as the recently announced one by Private Division and Wētā Workshop.

That in terms of company purchases, because Embracer Group It has a lot ahead of it, brand new as a company. For the time being he has left some data of what they have planned for the months to come.

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There are 220 game development projects in the works, including 25 AAAs due to launch through fiscal year 2025-26. They leave an AAA game by the way “very early” to be announced soon and to launch in the 4th quarter of this year.

Gamescom 2022 is going to matter to them because there’s going to be “multiple“announcements at the event. But if you thought that the thing was going to end here, everything is still a little far from over yet.

With the ad in purchase of Tatsujin They already have their first Japanese studio so together with Masahiro Yuge and the help of the other studio they bought Bitwave Games, the game Gimmick! it’s coming to modern consoles in the West.

Finally, it seems that Embracer Group has made one more purchase of “games on PC/console” which cannot be revealed today for commercial reasons.

The purchase price of this undisclosed acquisition is in the range of third to fourth largest transactions.“. We imagine that it will be talked about in the coming weeks, although nothing else has been said at the moment.

What do you think of all this? Embracer Group It’s been a busy few months.





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