The Pokémon invade the London cable car and cause a furor with its pop up store

The Pokémon invade the London cable car and cause a furor with its pop up store

Due to the Pokémon World Cup, which is being held this weekend in London, Pokémon have invaded the cable car cabins, and the opening of the pop-up store causes crowds…

London hosts this week the Pokemon World Championship 2022. Among August 18 and 21United Kingdom (or we could say Galar) welcomes the Pokémon World Championships 2022the worlds in which the best players in the world compete in Pokémon TCG (cards), Pokémon Sword and Shield, Pokémon GO, Pokkén Tournament and for the first time, Pokémon Unite.

Those who live in or around London have a plan to attend the pavilion in person Excel London as a spectator to see the exciting battles, although the Pokémon have conquered other parts of London… like the cable car.

The London Air Line, a modern cable car opened 10 years ago over the River Thames, has been re-themed, only for these five days until the World Cup ends on August 21, with images of the Pokémon (via nintendo life).

Each cabin represents a type of Pokémon: air, fire, psychic, and is decorated with the most famous specimens of each type. Also, the seasons are full of Pikachus running around, and Pokemon posters everywhere. Seems Ryme Citythe city from the Detective Pikachu movie that was inspired by London!

But the cable car isn’t the only Pokémon in London this weekend. A Pokémon store, a Pokémon Center pop up, has also been opened at the ExCel Center, which will only be open until August 21.

As you can see in these images (via VGC), the crowds are enormous, with queues of several hours that go out into the street, and that there was an online reservation system… which has done little to save waiting.

This isn’t the first time a traveling Pokémon Center has come to London, and the last time it had an exclusive Pikachu plush, themed in London clothing, which sold out fast. Will any Pokémon Center arrive in Spain, due to the launch of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, set in a region inspired by Spain? I wish!

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