If you are a fan of Yakuza, this great statue of Kazuma Kiryu cannot be missing from your collection

If you are a fan of Yakuza, this great statue of Kazuma Kiryu cannot be missing from your collection

Studio RGG, the creators of Yakuza, announce a great statue of Kazuma Kiryu that cannot be missing from your collection if you are a fan of these Sega games, and it is now available for pre-order.

The Yakuza franchise is one of Sega’s longest-running, most successful, and surprisingly consistent franchises.. A mix of open world RPG with beat ’em up action, exploration, and a tone that blends seriousness with wacky comedy and that is gaining more and more weight in the western market.

So much so that the seventh installment, Yakuza Like a Dragon, was one of the first games in which we released the current generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, in 2020, and has allowed its creators, Ryu ga Gotoku, to have already started working on Yakuza 8.

The RGG studio has a Twitter account dedicated to Western audiences, in English, and they have announced this great Kazuma Kiryu statue.

Kazume Kiryu, the protagonist of most of the games in the series, loses control in this dynamic pose, in which he picks up a bicycle and prepares to launch it into the air, 26.7 centimeters highcreated by Numskull (includes the base).

In its twitter profile You can find many more images of this statue, which can be reserved in stores such as the official Sega, Zavvi or Just Geek. Your reservation price is €99.99and is expected to ship in November 2022. You can find it in shops like this.

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The already announced Yakuza 8 is not the only thing that the RGG studio is working on. They have several projects in development: one could be the third installment of the Judgment subsaga, although they have also advanced that some of the things are going to surprise us…

If you haven’t played the Yakuza franchise, many of the games in the series are coming to the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog this month, while Yakuza Like a Dragon is one of the PS Plus Essential Games of the Month. Several games in the saga are also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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