How to fix the error message "Inappropriate Activity Detected" in Elden Ring 1.06

How to fix the error message "Inappropriate Activity Detected" in Elden Ring 1.06

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If you got the “Inappropriate Activity Detected” error in Elden Ring after upgrading to version 1.06 of the game, here’s how to fix it so you don’t have any problems in the Midlands.

Elden Ring was updated a few days ago to version 1.06, an update that managed to solve a few problems, but that has caused one that was not known until now.

We talk about “Inappropriate Activity Detected” error message, a kind of patch that prevents you from accessing your character in the game. This is because it may have detected that you have used hacks or cheats on your account.

How to fix “Inappropriate Activity Detected” error message in Elden Ring version 1.06

In case you have not done it and this message has jumped to you for no apparent reason, there is a way to solve it, since It will only appear if you play Elden Ring online or through the Steam interface.

If you have not altered the data of the game or of your game with a certain character and you have received the error message “Inappropriate Activity Detected” you will have to verify the integrity of the game files. To do this you must follow these steps:

  • Right click on the Steam Library and select Properties > Local Files
  • There you access “Verify the integrity of the game files”
  • After a manual check you can check for yourself if this has worked and you no longer get the message.

Another method that may also work is to uninstall and reinstall the game making a backup copy of the game files.

Be careful because this error can occur if you have also installed mods or any cheats, even if they do not negatively affect other online players.

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