GTA 6 would have expansions like those of GTA IV, says a well-known insider

GTA 6 would have expansions like those of GTA IV, says a well-known insider

The insider Tez2 assures that Rockstar will rescue the formula of DLC and individual expansions for the future GTA VI. The multiplayer (GTA Online) will be independent.

Everything is unknown around GTA 6. It is known that this new installment is under developmentand even Rockstar has canceled other projects (such as the GTA IV remasters and Red Dead Redemption) to put all resources into the project.

This means that only GTA Online keeps support intact for the coming months and years. Fans of the saga may miss the expansions (such as those of GTA 4), but there is good news in this regard.

We told you a few weeks ago. GTA VI would expand its mapping with new cities and locations, and not only in the multiplayer landscape.


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Of course this information is not official, but it comes from a good source: Complexion2. This insider is usually spot on when it comes to Rockstar game leaks, so we can give him a vote of confidence.

In a GTAForums postTez2 points to GTA 6 could have its own individual expansions and DLCs. They will not only expand the narrative, but also the map that we can travel.

The most surprising thing is that this idea was already on the table for GTA V. However, the success of GTA Online was so overwhelming that Rockstar decided to change the roadmap. What will happen to GTA 6?

GTA Online

Tez2 talks about up to six additional content, which will add new missions, plots and locations to the GTA 6 map. These will work in a similar way to what is seen in Cayo Perico or North Yankton.

The possibility of Rockstar returning to its original plan with GTA VI is certainly possible. Apparently GTA Online will remain as an independent game (something like Warzone) with each new installment.

What are the chances that GTA 6 will be announced in 2022?


In case you didn’t know, GTA IV had two story expansions. Is about The Lost and Damned Y The Ballad of Gay Tonywhich even had physical and compilation releases with the base game.

GTA VI is currently in development for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Nothing else is known, although new leaks and rumors continually arrive. It seems that the development is going from strength to strength, as Rockstar already has 220 job vacancies.

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