A woman convinces 22 men on Tinder to buy NieR Automata and Yoko Taro blesses the strategy

A woman convinces 22 men on Tinder to buy NieR Automata and Yoko Taro blesses the strategy

Today in “Stories we never thought would happen” we have a crazy episode. A NieR Automata fan has managed to convince 22 men to buy the game using Tinder. Glory to humanity!

NieR Automata has unleashed the passions of many players and players. Yoko Taro’s title took the NieR saga to the next level and left us with a deeply emotional story that blended seamlessly with gameplay full of variety.

The plot of YoRHa 2B is still remembered and even more so when the port of the game to NIntendo Switch was just announced a few days ago. Well, the news about this work does not end here.

Although a few days ago it was known that the mystery of NieR Automata and its secret room was an uncontrolled mod, today we have been aware of a even more strange and surreal news.


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Kotaku has shared the story of a true NieR Automata fan, probably one of the biggest the game has ever had. Or don’t you think manage to convince 22 suitors on Tinder to buy the game does not show devotion to the work of Yoko Taro?

Indeed, a fan of the game has achieved this using the dating app Tinder. Jen, that’s the name of the protagonist of this story, she said she was obsessed with the game, since she came into her life at a bad time in her life and it helped her a lot to overcome her problems.

When he tried to connect with people with the same interests, he decided to try his luck on Tinder and this is what he got:

A lot of Tinder Matches wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I did, or when I wanted to talk about every detail and they just said it was a good game but there wasn’t much to talk about itcommented in relation to the taste for NieR Automata.

Nevertheless, she recognized that many users bought the game to have something to talk about, although sadly this was interpreted as a kind of debt or favor that Jen had to pay off…

Actually, many expected something from me in exchange for recommending a gamehe explained. Many times I had to read how they wanted me to wear the 2B uniform for them.

So Jen’s mindset changed and he literally dedicated himself to selling the game to all those interested in his profilesomething that he achieved with remarkable results. High sales mean more Taro gamesdeclared.

Although, Jen herself admitted that she stopped liking doing that, since she did not feel good about those interested who did not show bad manners.

However, the story has been so curious that it has drawn attention even to the Yoko Taro, who has admired that sales strategy of the fanas you can see in the tweet that we have shared with you.

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