ZTE Miracle WiFi-6 AX3000 Pro, a great little router

ZTE Miracle WiFi-6 AX3000 Pro, a great little router

If there is a device that many of its users hardly pay attention to, that is the router. We only remember it when the Internet connection fails and, then, yes, we go quickly to observe it, to see if there is a red light and, if necessary, to restart it to see if that way the connection is reestablished (and quite a few times it works, that It is the truth). If it doesn’t “fix” like this, we call our Internet access provider and forget about the router again.

Nevertheless, we depend on it for the connectivity of all our devices, and not only that it exists or not, but also its properties, how it is managed, etc. And the problem is that, as a general rule, we stay with the router provided by our provider, instead of evaluating the possibility of acquiring a more advanced router, which in many cases will result in better connectivity, greater control of the connection, and so on.

A clear example that, without making a large investment, we can have a much more advanced device, we found it in this ZTE Miracle WiFi-6 AX3000 Proa router that, for less than one hundred euros, provides us not only with better connectivity, but also with greater control over it, since the functions of the operators’ routers are usually more limited and, on many occasions, their interfaces management are not exactly friendly.

The ZTE Miracle WiFi-6 Router AX3000 Pro from ZTE is equipped with a dual-core professional routing chip from Qualcomm 64-bit accompanied by a 12-thread network processor and 512-megabyte RAM along with a 256-megabyte ROM. With these components, the ZTE AX3000 Pro can reach 3,000 Mbps at its maximum peak, making it 166% faster than Wi-Fi 6 AX1800 and 250% faster than Wi-Fi 5 AC1200.

To extend your connectivity, which can reach up to 256 simultaneous connectionsthe router incorporates an external 7 dBi antenna and, to improve its range in buildings, it supports the use of 2.4GHz and 5GHz signal channels simultaneously, which improves its coverage even with walls in between.

Among the technologies it has, it is worth highlighting both EasyMeshwhich allows the deployment of mesh networks, with all the advantages of this type of network access infrastructure, such as its function of NFC smart connection one-touch, which will allow Android-equipped devices to connect to the network with a single touch, that is, without having to enter the password.

The ZTE Miracle WiFi-6 AX3000 Pro router is already on sale on the ZTE website and its price is 99 euros.

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