Google empieza a liberar Android 13

Google begins to release Android 13

One of the most important moments of the year for the Android user community has arrived. After many months talking about Android 13, its news, what we expect it to mean, etc., Google has opened (a little) the door by starting, today, its deployment. Yes, today, in the middle of August, much sooner than we expected, because let’s remember that Android 11 debuted in September 2020 and Android 12 did so in October 2021. Surely there is a very logical reason why this year they have chosen to advance it to August, but it has certainly caught my attention.

This first step, however, is limited. And what’s more, I bet you already imagine what this first phase consists of, right? Effectively, At the moment the devices that can already be updated to Android 13 are none other than the Google Pixel. Which models in particular? Well, unfortunately Google has not clarified it in the post in which it announces this launch, so we will still have to wait until the users of the different models confirm if they can make the jump or if this option is not available to them.

Nor is it known, at the moment, the date on which Android 13 will begin to reach devices from other manufacturers. The only indication that Google gives in this regard is that it will be «Later this year«That is, sometime this year. This invites us to think that, perhaps, Google has considered advancing the launch of Android 13 for users of Pixel devices as one more sales argument for them. If this is standardized (something we will check next year), knowing that you will be able to use the latest version of the operating system a couple of months before the rest of the users does seem an attractive claim.

In addition to the release of Android 13, the free version of it has also been released today, i.e. AOSP 13, so that all those manufacturers who have opted for this version of the operating system without Google’s proprietary components, have already been able to start working on the jump to this new version of the OS for their devices. We can understand that, with this movement, Google intends to bring the arrival of the new versions of Android a little closer, be it the commercial version or the open source version, so that users do not have to wait as many months as, unfortunately, it comes been common for a long time.





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