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Samsung believes that folding smartphones will be the new standard in 2025

Will they become foldable smartphones a consolidated sector in the industry? Roh Tae-moon, head of Samsung’s mobile division, has predicted that said type of device will represent 50% of smartphone sales by 2025 premium of the South Korean giant.

Roh Tae-moon’s words, which were spoken for the middle Korean Heraldshould not be surprising if we take into account that Samsung is one of the great pioneers in the field of folding smartphones (at least when it comes to launching devices on the market) and one of the companies that are most committed to them, which remains embodied in the recent launch of the Galaxy Z Flip4.

Roh’s optimism not only encompasses the high percentage he expects foldable smartphones to dominate among range devices premium of the company, but has also stated that these will become the new industry standard if your rise to sales level continues. If we take into account that recent reports predict that Samsung will launch cheap (or at least relatively) folding smartphones in 2024, one might think that the manager’s words have some credibility, but we will see what really ends up happening.

On the other hand, in an interview granted to The Wall Street JournalRoh Tae-moon has stated that the company is detecting that a significant percentage” of users are exchanging their iPhone and Xiaomi devices for Samsung foldables. It is obvious that the novelty attracts, but it is also logical that a Samsung manager sweeps home.

We will see if these forecasts come true, but we must bear in mind that, despite the fact that prices are falling, they are still somewhat far from common pockets, something to which is added the current context of crisis in which we live. Of course, seeing the competition that exists in the sector and that the Galaxy Z Flip4 will have a base price of 1,099 euros, it is logical to think that the sector still has room for progression and that it has the potential to walk the path that lies ahead. .





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