Counter-Strike: Source 2, first video with real game scenes

Counter-Strike: Source 2, first video with real game scenes

Counter-Strike: Source 2, also known as CS:GO Source 2, has been the subject of numerous rumors in recent months, although we have never seen anything really interesting about this important project although, unfortunately, it has nothing to do with valve. Indeed, it is not an official project, but rather an adaptation that is being made by a fan.

Despite this informal nature, the truth is that never ceases to be interestingsince in the end it is a very faithful adaptation and allows us to see the best ones that the jump to Source Engine 2 would allow on a technical level. Beyond the rumors and speculation we did not have anything solid about this project, a situation that has changed drastically with the publication of a video that shows scenes of real game of Counter-Strike: Source 2.

In order not to have any type of problem with Valve, the person in charge of Counter-Strike: Source 2 assures that has remade the game without having to use a single line of code from the original, quite an achievement that will allow him to launch and distribute the game without fear of reprisals from Gabe Newell’s company. However, you may have to make changes to the name of it, as this could really get you into trouble. He has also confirmed that he plans to publish the entire code base on GitHub, a clear move in favor of Open-Source.

The truth is that Counter-Strike: Source 2 looks pretty good. It is evident that there is not a drastic change at the graphic level, that is to say, there is not a big enough jump to consider it as a game of the current generation, but the truth is that this seems to me to be something positive, despite At first it may seem like the opposite. My argument is very simple and easy to understand, and it is precisely by not reaching that level of graphic “realism” typical of a new generation title, Counter-Strike: Source 2 achieves maintain that unique essence of the original.

We do not have concrete details on the exact release date of Counter-Strike: Source 2 nor about its requirements, but these should not be high at all, and obviously it should come as a title totally free. When we have more information of interest we will share it with you.

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