Windows 12.1, the version you’d love to see, but won’t

Windows 12.1, the version you’d love to see, but won’t

With Windows 11 still a long way to go, it may be too early to talk about Windows 12, let alone Windows 12.1, but the truth is that the next version of Microsoft’s operating system could arrive sooner rather than later, if the latest rumors are confirmed. , and if it does… It would be great if the software giant took a look at what comes out of its community.

By the latest rumors, we mean those who point to a change in strategy by Microsoft, where they would be planning to return to the triennial cycle of Windows releases, after more years of the Windows 10 account, even though this is currently the nail. burning to hold on to continue using Windows with a minimum of solvency, that is, support, compatibility and stability.

And by what comes out of their community, we mean what some do in their spare time, see this Windows 12.1, a revision of an earlier concept dreamed up by a hobbyist which, broadly speaking, would delight the common user of the system. Among other things, because it doesn’t reinvent anything, but rather polishes the classic design lines of Windows.

In fact, this Windows 12.1, except for a few details, perhaps, would be a consistent evolution of Windows 11, which already refines its forms compared to the previous version. Not only that: even a concept, in which only the imagination marks the limit, there is more than one aspect that can be changed. But it is a mere sketch…and it looks better than Windows has ever seen.

Take a look for yourself. How about?

Be careful, if what you want is a Windows 12 already, have it hayloor at least speak it…but I don’t think you’ll be interested. Secondly, If the river makes a noise its because water is running And beyond considering whether Windows 12 is under development, if it is necessary or what it would be like, it is worth arming yourself with patience, because it has been shown that not even a company the size of Microsoft is capable of scoring a goal at first.

In other words, the number of errors that Windows accumulates with each system update is such that as much as you want to see a renewal like the one suggested by the video, it is preferable that they go little by little, but emphasizing the user experience. Because it is obvious that, sooner or later, Windows 12 is on the way and if possible, if they do better than with 11, we can already find a song in the teeth.

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