Our readers say: What has been the game you have enjoyed the most?

Our readers say: What has been the game you have enjoyed the most?

There are many ways to enjoy a game. Thus, for example, we may like a title a lot because of its technical finish that leaves us speechless because of its excellent technological deployment, but there are also other games that are enjoyed more because of the setting, the gameplay or simply because the story It totally hooks us.

In the I have been a video game lover for more than three decades I have had all kinds of experiences. I have enjoyed games that I liked in every way, I have played others that sinned in some aspects but were very good in others, and I have also found games that at first I did not like at all, and that in the end they ended up taking out that “dot” that made me want to finish them.

I think, in general, The game that I have enjoyed the most in all senses has been the original DOOM. When I played it for the first time I was completely captivated, because at that time its technical bill was excellent, as well as its setting, its gameplay, its soundtrack and even its story, which led us to stop an infernal invasion. In fact, I liked this title so much that I still play it from time to time, in fact I recently completed it again with the mod that applies ray tracing and DLSS.

If I had to focus more on the technical level, I would say the classics Resident Evil Code Veronica and Metropolis Street Racer were the ones that marked me the most, and on a more current level I would stay with cyberpunk 2077 without a doubt. It is true that it did not meet all the expectations it generated, but graphically it is a real delight, and the use of ray tracing that it does is so good that it makes a huge difference, and makes it a game so advanced that it is great even to the new generation of consoles.

Limiting myself more to the playable plane, to fun, Heroes of Might and Magic II would be my favorite without a doubt, the hours I spent sharing turns with friends on my venerable 133 MHz Pentium. Focusing on the story, the game I enjoyed the most was Final Fantasy 7Not for nothing did I spend over a hundred hours on the PC version, and I had no problem handling very low frame rates in combat because my rig barely met the minimum requirements.

Now it’s your turn, what has been the game you have enjoyed the most? You can say several depending on the approach, as I have done. We read in the comments.

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