The trilogy is confirmed: Sonic 3 already has a date (and a new villain)

The trilogy is confirmed: Sonic 3 already has a date (and a new villain)

Sonic may not quite find his place in the modern world of video games, but he’s a hit on the big screen. And there is already a date for his next film.

The good ones movies based on video games are scarce at times, which is why it is quite a paradox that a mythical video game character like Sonicfind it easier to succeed in theaters than on consoles.

The latest Sonic games have not had the expected impact. Sonic Forces it’s best forgotten. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 remained a simple sports game, and Sonic Origins is a compilation of old classics played a thousand times. The future open world game Sonic Frontiers has received harsh criticism in its beta.

But the movies are another story. So much sonic the movieWhat Sonic 2 the Movie They have been a great critical and box office success, thanks to their good combination of action and humor for all audiences.


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Paramount and SEGA already anticipated success, since announced the shooting of Sonic 3 the Moviea month before the premiere of Sonic 2.

And now we have a release date for this third part: in a tweet from the official Sonic account, it is announced that Sonic 3, The Movie will be released on December 20, 2024.

It may seem like a distant date to you, but it meets like clockwork the 2-year deadline that separated the previous films, which were released in 2020 and 2022.

We still know very little about Sonic 3but two “alterations in the Force” are going to drastically influence the movie.

The first is Jim Carrey’s retirement as an actor, who plays the villain in the first two films, dr robotnik. carrey is an unrepeatable actor, so Paramount has applied common sense, and has announced that it will not hire another actor to play Dr. Robotnik. So, Sonic 3 will have a new villain.

As can be seen in the post-credits scene of Sonic 2, it is likely that the new villain is Shadow, Sonic’s alter-ego. But nothing is confirmed yet.

Another “anomaly” with which he will play Sonic 3 will be knucklesSonic’s rival/friend who already stole the spotlight from him in Sonic 2. Knuckles, played in the original version by actor Idris Elba, liked him so much that he’s earned his own television series, which will premiere exclusively on Paramount+.

Paramount itself has acknowledged that the events of the Knuckles series will lead to Sonic 3so it will most likely be released in 2023, to make way for Sonic 3 in 2024.

Paramount has it all very well thought out. I wish we could say the same about SEGA in the world of video games…

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