Temtem highlights the main features that will be available at launch

Temtem highlights the main features that will be available at launch

Temtem knows that many users are waiting for the release of its 1.0 and therefore it anticipates everything that will be available at its launch. With a trailer, interesting features are revealed that are going to come with it.

Tetem is the MMORPG inspired by the famous Pokémon saga which will soon leave its Early Access. For this reason and on the occasion of premiere of its version 1.0 this new trailer details what is to come.

The Madrid Cream Games They know that their game is very popular and expected by many users, so they reveal in detail these new features that are about to come to the game.

Players of the game will have plenty of late-game activities to test their team compositions, but there will also be new tactical abilities.


Temtem – 1.0 Features Trailer | Humble Games

The game that caused a stir through Kickstarter in 2018 with a goal of €61,000, entered Steam Early Access in 2020. In its first month alone, it sold half a million copies through Valve’s platform.

With a development of pokemon like gamean environment MMORPG for the floating islands of the Airborne Archipelago and a Metroidvania style that invites players to return to places they have already visited, it is clear that it has won many fans.

Remember that TemTem can now be reserved in GAME stores to get a gift pin and the TemTem collector’s edition awaits you exclusively at GAME.

Since this past May we learned that Temtem was going to have a physical edition for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

But now Cream Games announces that on September 6 the temtem update 1.0 is going to arrive with new and interesting features to the game.

A new island to explore with different activities and the Archaeologist’s Shrine, a place where players can squad up to take down some of the toughest Temtem tamers.

And included in this is a series of rewards at the end for players who defeat all opponents without losing.

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There is also an arena where players take on increasingly difficult holotems and there they can either bring their own squad or take on holotems in a pick mode with random Temtems.

Many other areas of the game will test the skills of the users, such as Digiland, a digital battle area with custom battles that reward Temtem eggs every week.

It is clear that Cream Games has put everything that is good in this temtem update 1.0 for all the players of your title to enjoy like never before from September 6.

Temtem is still in Early Access for PC and PS5 right nowalthough it will soon be available in Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S.

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