Gamescom Opening Night 2022 promises 2 hours of entertainment with more than 30 games

Gamescom Opening Night 2022 promises 2 hours of entertainment with more than 30 games

Gamescom Opening Night 2022 is going to be a 2 hour event with over 30 games. And among the guests is Sonic Frontiers, who will face each other on August 23.

Gamescom Opening Night 2022 is going to return in style, with a two-hour event. To this must be added the fact that they plan to show more than 30 games in the same.

E3 2022 may have been canceled -although E3 2023 is already confirmed-, but until that date arrives there is time. That is why Gamescom 2022 is back with a bang thanks to its hybrid face-to-face and digital event.

After these two years with harsh restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemicIt was clear that the desire for something like this was more than palpable in the environment.


Sonic Frontiers – Gameplay of the Nintendo Direct Mini June 2022

The presenter Geoff Keighley has anticipated through its RRSS that the ceremonial event is going to be something to remember. But even if it doesn’t meet expectations, at least we’re going to have a couple of hours full of video games.

Keighley has posted a tweet about Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 without going into too many details. After all, everything that is saved is going to be worth seeing live during the event.

in own Tweet it reads: “On Tuesday, August 23 during Gamescom Opening Night Live in Germany with 2 hours of live show, thousands of fans in the audience and more than 30 live games“.

All this in addition to ensuring that “if you live in Germany, tickets to see it in person are now available for fans“.

Secure one of them if you can attend through this link. For now, Keighley is sure that it will be remembered, although many were looking forward to Summer Game Fest 2022 and in the end they were a little disappointed.

But that is past, since now it is time to talk about what is to come in these coming months and 2023. What are the games that can be expected from this Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022?

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That is part of the surprise, because since dualshockers they comment knowing ahead of time that Unknown Worlds (Subnautica) will be present to announce their next game as a new IP.

For now the details are scarce, but the developer through its official Twitter account has already left some details about the game yet to be announced.

It will be something other than unknown worlds comfort zoneso the unannounced IP could be a sci-fi strategy game with turn-based combat.

We also know that Sonic Frontiers will also be present at some point in the event. It is not known if with new information, details and / or videos, but perhaps it will be seen with a new trailer.

It is clear that Gamescom is preparing a great return after two digital years and the return wants to be remembered. You have to be attentive next August 23 from 20:00 in Spain time.





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