They confess which artist they were inspired by to create Vecna's Mental Lair, and their originals are even scarier

They confess which artist they were inspired by to create Vecna’s Mental Lair, and their originals are even scarier

That’s how terrifying the original designs by artist Wayne Barlowe are that served as the inspiration for Vecna’s Mind Lair in Stranger Things 4.

Season 4 of Stranger Things gave us several of the most impressive sequences, in addition to a very good staging in which the design of the Vecna’s Mind Lairthe villain of netflix series.

Due to the stoppage of production due to the Coronavirus pandemic, those responsible for the visual effects of the series dedicated themselves to further improving the scenes they had planned for the new season of the series. Stranger Things series.

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In an interview for Collider, Julien Heryvisual effects supervisor for Stranger Things, was chatting about the process of developing the special effects of the series.

In addition to commenting on a scene from Stranger Things 4 that took more than 2 years to make, Hery explained that for the design of the Mind Lair of Vecna ​​they were inspired by the artist Wayne Barloweespecially in his piece Inferno, whose originals are even scarier than what is seen in the series.

You can take a look at some of Barlowe’s art through the following image gallery.

“We start with the concept [arte] Michael’s [Mayer]and then I remember that for the first few shots, we had to set the island from far away, the island where the action is going to take place.

And we were trying to find a way to establish this environment, and for those specific shots, we had to work to replace the island. We have to build a specific environment for that, for that couple of shots, to really establish a very flat overall environment.

One of the art references we used was Wayne Barlowe, he has these pieces of… I think it’s called Inferno, and they’re basically paintings. And it’s like nice… How can I say…? that painting that gives you nightmare: red sky, super dark silhouette. It’s super dark, but it was very interesting. It was definitely a reference for us to use that,” Hery stated.

The end of Stranger Things is drawing near.

After the broadcast of its fourth season, the Duffer brothers are currently writing the script for Stranger Things 5, which will mean the definitive closure of the series that started on Netflix back in 2016.

Little by little the showrunners have been revealing some details of where the Stranger Things final seasonconfirming that this time it will be shorter and that its plot will take place entirely in Hawkins, although at the moment not much more is known about what the Duffers will have prepared for us.

Although there is no confirmed release date yet, The final season of Stranger Things is expected to land on Netflix’s catalog sometime in 2024.. Meanwhile, here we recommend some of the best Netflix miniseries to watch in a weekend.





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