Ben Stiller doesn't know how many people watch his series, Severance, on Apple TV +: "It's really strange"

Ben Stiller doesn’t know how many people watch his series, Severance, on Apple TV +: “It’s really strange”

Ben Stiller talks about Severance Season 2 and how weird it is that Apple TV+ doesn’t tell them exactly how many people are watching their show… though clearly, judging by the Emmys, they’re not doing too bad.

severity It is one of the most prestigious series for Apple TV +. The work dystopia starring Adam Scott and directed by Ben Stiller, in which a company tests an experimental project to separate new work and social lives, premiered in february 2022 on the Apple platform.

That Severance (Separation in its title in Spanish) is a success is something that no one can doubt: it has already been renewed for a second season, and at the Emmys it garnered 14 nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series (the first for Apple TV+ in that category), for Directing, Writing and for the actors Adam Scott, John Turturro, Christopher Walken and Patricia Arquette.


Trailer of Separation (Severance), the series directed by Ben Stiller for Apple TV +

But one of its creators, director Ben Stiller, does not know to what extent his series is successful, because the Apple TV + platform does not tell them the specific audience data. “They don’t tell you the numbers. It’s very strange, they give you these graphs with their peaks and valleys, but you don’t know the scale. It could be 100 people or 200 million people. We do not know“.

Stiller has voiced his complaints in an interview on decide. “It’s not like the audiences or the box office data. Basically they tell you yes, it’s going well, and you have to interpret what they say. I guess that’s how all the streaming services do it“.

Ben Stiller Talks Severance Season 2

At least Stiller was relieved when went to the recent Comic-Con in San Diego, the first face-to-face since 2019, and saw the enthusiasm of the fans for this series.

The fun part was going to Comic-Con, having a full house for the panel and seeing all these people there. That was the first time I felt it: ‘wow, there are people who are really watching this, human beings who connect with the series‘”.

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Stiller is already working on season 2, and promises there will be a balance with the “weirdest parts”. “Part of the fun of the series is the things that you don’t understand, and you wonder what they are, what they mean. For me it’s great, as long as there is a logic behind“.

Later we look for a way to tell the public without revealing too much, and it is satisfactory. That’s the balance.”

“There’s a lot of weird and fun stuff in season 2, but always through the basic story of these characters, real people in this situation, because that’s what people hang on to. It’s a show about this working family, and no matter how weird things are, you want to connect with them as human beings“.





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