This is how LeChuck sounds with the new voice actor in Return to Monkey Island

This is how LeChuck sounds with the new voice actor in Return to Monkey Island

This is what LeChuck will sound like in Return to Monkey Island: Ron Gilbert shares the first clip with Jess Harnell playing the ghost pirate, replacing Earl Boen.

Return to Monkey Island It will be out later this year on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Ron Gilbert, now at the Terrible Toybox studio, in collaboration with Luscasfilm Games and Devolver Digital, are finalizing the game that will end the trilogy, although without emptying the other three installments, although it will be the end of the saga.

To tell the end of Guybrush Threepwood as it deserves, the voice actors of the original games from 30 years ago have returned: Dominic Armato is Guybrush, alexandra boyd is Elaine, and Denny Delk It’s Murray.

And what about LeChuckthe games’ antagonist ghost pirate, and who returns in Return to Monkey Island despite the cryptic ending of the second game, LeChuck’s Revenge?

Ron Gilbert today posted this new Return to Monkey Island video, one of his weekly appetizers ahead of the game’s release later this year. And in it we hear for the first time LeChuck with a new voice, that of Jess Harnell.

Jess Harnell has been chosen to voice LeChuck in Return to Monkey Island, a prolific voice actor in both film (Ironhide in the Transformers trilogy), numerous characters in the Tom and Jerry or Casper series, or crash bandicoot in all video games.

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Harnell replaces Earl Boen, an actor who played LeChuck in the previous games. Boen is also known for playing to Doctor Silberman in the Terminator trilogy (including Terminator 3), but he has been retired since 2017, and although they offered him to return for this special occasion, he preferred to decline, although he gave them his blessing to find another actor.

Return to Monkey Island is due out in late 2022 on Nintendo Switch and Steam. It will be released on other platforms later.

His striking graphic style has caused division among fans, and sadly also a wave of insults against the team and Ron Gilbert. Still, Gilbert continues to regularly share new gameplay videos on Twitter: the last time he showed off a new character and dialogue options.

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