They recreate the upside down world of Stranger Things in Halo Infinite

They recreate the upside down world of Stranger Things in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s Forge mode is already in the possession of some fans, who have created Stranger Things’ Upside Down.

The launch of Halo Infinite has been like a roller coaster: from the sadness of its delay of more than a year, to the joy of launching multiplayer a few weeks early, the joy of its excellent campaign mode, the disappointment of its languishing multiplayer mode… and the excitement over the leaks of the Forge mode.

Yes, Halo Infinite’s Forge mode was leaked a few weeks ago and some users have already been able to access an unfinished version (it has no date for the rest of the players, but it will be released in the third season from September).

Since then, the web has been filled with community-created Halo levels that showcase the sheer level of gameplay options. this Halo Infinite level creator.

A few days ago we showed you a Halo Infinite map in which they had recreated the terrifying PT Silent Hills demo. Today we show you a no less gloomy level, a facility infested with the corruption of the Upside Down World from Stranger Things.

The Upside Down is more fashionable than ever after the fourth season of the Netflix series. What do you think of this level of Halo Infinite with Stranger Things? If you like it, be sure to follow its creator, Infinite Forgesso you can play it when Forge mode comes out publicly… starting in September.

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The other mode that is missing from Halo Infinite and that fans have been waiting for the most, the cooperative multiplayer, will also be released very soon, as this summer it has been tested among insiders (here our impressions of Halo Infinite cooperative).

Regarding this, it was confirmed that the cooperative mode of Halo Infinite will not have online matchmaking, and we will have to agree with our friends.

Among other more exciting news, we also know that Microsoft will soon offer a family plan for Xbox Game Pass.

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