MultiVersus could let you share the Battle Pass and its rewards with a friend

MultiVersus could let you share the Battle Pass and its rewards with a friend

A Dataminer discovers a feature that could be added to MultiVersus in the future, a way to share the Battle Pass and rewards with another user in this free to play fighting game.

MultiVersus could add a very original feature in the future that would encourage more people to buy the battle pass. It is a form of share the Battle Pass with another user. That way, the rewards would be shared between the two users.

The information comes from dataminer AisulMV (via VGC), which has found a menu for “Find a Battlepass Companion“, along with another menu explaining how it would work.

MultiVersus is a free to play fighting game with characters from the Warner Bros worlds: DC superheroes, Game of Thrones, cartoons like Looney Tunes, Steven Universe, Adventure Time…

It is, yes, something that is not included in the game, and could be added later… or it could have been something discarded during development and never implemented. We just know that until a certain pointPlayer First Games considered it.

So how would this battle pass sharing mechanic work? Each season you could share the Battle Pass with another user (it’s as easy as searching for their username and inviting them). only once a season.

The two users would contribute to the same Battle Pass, and the user with the least progress in the Battle Pass would be equal to the other. Come on, the rewards that either of the two earn would be automatically unlocked in both.

Even so, each player would earn XP and Quest Rewards in an independent way.


MultiVersus – LeBron James

This feature would also work for the Premium Battle Pass, and yes, it would be the same price: it’s almost like buying two battle passes for the price of one (especially for the player who, at the end of the season, had less progress in the battle pass).

This feature could launch with MultiVersus Season 1, which was supposed to come out on August 9 but was delayed and now has no date. We do know that the first season will have Arcade mode, ranked battles and new characters like Rick and Morty.

The MultiVersus Battle Pass will have 50 levels, and will cost around 10 euros. Your rewards won’t be exclusive (at least not all of them), and if you miss them you may have more chances to get them later.

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