Marvel's Midnight Suns is delayed again to 2023... and the PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions are undated

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is delayed again to 2023… and the PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions are undated

Marvel’s Midnight Suns suffers a new setback, and is delayed to Fiscal Year 2023 (before April 2023). Also, the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions go further, and are undated.

Bad news for Marvel fans: Marvel’s Midnight Suns game, a strategy title from the creators of XCOM that was planned for on October 7, 2022has been delayed again, and has no date, but it will be in 2023 (hopefully).

This is quite worrying news, because it is the second delay that this game sufferswhich was announced around this time a year ago (at Gamescom 2021) for release in February 2022. It was later pushed back to October 2022, but that won’t be the case either.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Spider-Man Trailer

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is dated for the Fiscal Year 2023 (which is the current one). That is to say, it is scheduled to come out before March 31, 2023, although with how tight November and December are, it is almost a guarantee that it will rush to the maximum and will be out in February or March 2023.(if they keep the date).

In their Take Two release schedule (which revealed their financial results today), they list two different releases. On the one hand, Marvel’s Midnight Suns for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PCin the current fiscal year 2023.

Secondly, Marvel’s Midnight Suns for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switchwhich appears at the bottom of the table… without date.

This is a novelty, as Midnight Suns was always expected to be released at the same time on all platforms (except for Switch, which already fell off its horse in the first delay).

Finally, the editor Take Two has decided to give Firaxis more development time to finish the game in its current-gen versions. Midnight Suns is still planned for PS4, Xbox One and Switch, but we don’t know when it will be released.

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Nintendo Switch users at least have the reconfirmation that the game is still planned for the Nintendo console (something that many doubted, especially due to the performance problems that the Switch port of XCOM 2 had).
But now many fans have the fear that versions of old-gen consoles, including PS4 and Xbox One, will be canceled

as happened with the PS4 and One versions of Gotham Knights, which will not finally come out. For now, we must trust that they will come out a little later in 2023…





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