How to get skills from other characters in Multiversus with perk training

How to get skills from other characters in Multiversus with perk training

That easy we will be able to obtain advantages from other characters that do not correspond to us according to our skill tree.

We have a lot of characters that we can use in Multiversus, each one with a different form of control and abilities that we can unlock as we go up their relevant levels.

And when we raise the level of each of the Multiversus characters, we can unlock perks or advantages that are going to come in handy for those fights, in order to have greater chances of victory.

And there’s a mechanic called ePerk Training or Perk Training in Multiversus that you will surely want to take advantage of, because it will allow you to learn advantages from other characters, and that will always be something that attracts attention and we will tell you how it is done.


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How to get skills from other characters in Multiversus with perk training

Thanks to the Multiversus perk system we have the opportunity to choose from a large list of advantages that provide bonuses to the characters of our choice, and obviously they are unlocked as we level up this particular hero.

But there is also the so-called “perks training” that will allow us to spend gold to give our character access to the perks of other heroes, that is, perks that do not appear originally in their level tree.

In order to unlock this perk training feature we must have reached level 9 of the particular character, which will open us up to the possibility of buying the perks of other characters.


Once you have unlocked it, you must enter the glossary to consult the list and from there select the character to which you want to add the new benefits. Then you must select training perks to bring up all the perks that can eventually be unlocked.

When selecting the perks you want to unlock it could cost around 150 gold for any perks that haven’t been previously unlocked or 100 gold for perks that have already been unlocked with other characters.

Once you have bought the advantage, you will only have to add it to that character’s build.

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