The best way to get airpods in GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises

The best way to get airpods in GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises

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You can get airpods as a cosmetic item in GTA Online. In this guide we tell you the keys and tricks to get this item from The Criminal Enterprises update.

The GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises Update has added a few quests and content to keep you getting the most out of the game. It has also brought us new items and one of them is the airpods (or an imitation of them).

The first thing you should know is that getting these popular wireless headphones does not require much effort, so it will hardly take you long. get these airpods inside the game.


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The better way to get the airpods in GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises

Right now, there are two types of Airpods in GTA Online: White Beat Off and gold Beat Off. To get the first ones you must have a biker business. Once you have this clear, you must carry out a nightclub mission, arms trafficking or sale of special cargo.

When completing this mission, we already tell you that it can be of any type, you will see that a notification will appear in the lower left corner of the screen what have you Free unlocked White Beat Off Headphones.

Now you just have to visit the ponsonbys clothing store and check out the new headphone section to find these cool airpods. Although you can always show off a little more, right?

That’s what the Gold Beat Off headphones are for. Although this time they are not going to come out in your face, since you need to have the GTA+ subscription. In the event that you have one of these, you must go to the accessories tab to redeem this extra item.

You know that this is one of the extra products that are included in GTA + and that is that the Apricot Perseus cap and the Apricot Perseus sweatpants are added to the gold airpods for free.

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