Warner movies no longer coming to HBO Max 45 days after their theatrical release

Warner movies no longer coming to HBO Max 45 days after their theatrical release

The new strategy of the study is that the new films released spend the maximum time necessary in theaters.

The pandemic, and especially the confinement and all the sanitary measures that came later to avoid contagion, made the world of cinema have to consider changing many of its classic strategies. With the theaters closed or with limited capacity, it was necessary to continue carrying out the films that had already been shot, and that was when streaming services were the key.

Especially for Warner Bros who decided to jump into the pool of this new paradigm with a much riskier strategy than the others, because came to release big-budget films simultaneously both in theaters and on its VOD serviceHBO Max, yes, only in the United States.


Official trailer for House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel coming to HBO Max in August

Once the measures to control the pandemic were relaxed, the studio continued with this strategy of introducing the streaming service in its promotion window.ion of the films and these were released on HBO Max just 45 days after being released in theaters. However, this way of doing things is going to end.

as posted Colliderin the last call with investors, the current CEO of Warner Bros Discovery has assured that the new strategy will be to focus on the premiere in theaters and that the arrival at HBO Max in a period of less than two months will be completely canceled. What generates new doubts among subscribers to the platform.

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The SandmanThe Sandman

Well, without going any further, the new musical film by Baz Luhrmann based on the figure of Elvis, was supposed to arrive on the streaming platform over the next week, however, sources inside the studio have confirmed that the premiere has been canceled Although they have assured that it will arrive at HBO Max, what is not known is when.

Although HBO Max has never been one of the most appreciated VOD applications, this strategy of releasing very recent films on the platforma made it reach 92.1 million subscribers worldwide in 2021. A figure that will probably decrease with this new change by Warner Bros. Discovery.

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