Tricks to level up fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Tricks to level up fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

These are the methods and some tricks to farm EXP and level up fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 so that you can face the toughest bosses and monsters.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a huge JRPG for Nintendo Switch. It is an epic story in which you can spend more than 50 hours, so it is advisable to take it easy and gradually learn and experiment with the mechanics such as the additional classes that we can learn.

The game alternates long story cutscenes and boss fights with many sections where we are free to explore and farm.

Normally, you won’t have to deviate much from the path to maintain a level appropriate to the challenges that the story throws at you, but the game expects you to do some side quests or perform these actions to level up.


Analysis of Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Tricks to level up fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

If you find yourself at a disadvantage and world enemies or bosses take several levels out of you, take note of these methods and tricks to level up fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

  • To eat in the camps it produces several effects. The first dish you discover in the game increases EXP by 5% for a short time. Then farm!
  • defeat the elite monsters (with blue flames) and unique grants more EXP. Uniques also leave a mark on the map
  • Explore new map areas grants EXP (also allows you to find new interesting areas). Challenge yourself to complete all the maps!
  • Interact with all the NPCs (the ones with a little star will give you a bit of EXP).
  • To complete side quests. To unlock them, listen to conversations marked with “!” looking at those who speak
  • Finish off unique enemies (which give more experience than normal ones) with Chain Attacks (launch the attack when it is low on health to kill it during the chain and win Bonus XP).

the extra experience

In addition to the EXP you gain directly from defeating enemies or exploring zones, there is an additional EXP you must spend at camping zones (don’t forget to use it every time you rest in a camp!).

This extra EXP builds up without you even realizing it, and usually over the course of the game between camps and camps it will give you a level or two to level up. This additional EXP is accumulated in these ways:

  • Use chain attacks on low health enemies
  • Discover new places on the map and colonies
  • Chat with your team in the rest areas (which also opens new missions)
  • Participate in skirmishes (also allows you to earn other rewards such as nopon doubloons)

With these methods you will be able to level up quickly in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (or at least match it with the bosses you encounter).

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