Tom Sturridge summarizes the first season of The Sandman in a 60-second video

Tom Sturridge summarizes the first season of The Sandman in a 60-second video

Tom Sturridge, the actor who plays Morpheus in The Sandman, explains to us against the clock all the challenges that Sueño faces in the series after being captured by the occultist Roderick Burgess.

Tom Sturridge puts himself in the shoes of Dream of the Eternals in The Sandmanthat is to say, it is the incarnation of the Dream, it is that Morpheus that allows us to go to his world every night by sprinkling our eyes with sand.

The story of The Sandman begins in 1916, when occultist Roderick Burgess, played by Charles Dance, summon Sleep by mistake. His real goal was to get hold of Death, one of the sisters of Dreamfor her to bring a loved one back to life.

However Burgess accepts her loot, and decides to imprison Dream for a hundred yearsin the hope that his threats will end up convincing the king of dreams to grant him immortality and wealth.

Tom Sturridge Just Faced a Challenge for Netflixthe one of summarize in a 60-second video the ten episodes of The Sandman spanning more than a century. The task is complicated, but the actor who gives life to Morpheus he emerges unscathed from the challenge, as does Dream itself in escaping its captors.

So you can read the first two volumes of The Sandman comic for free now that his series is released on Netflix

The SandmanThe Sandman

Now that he’s free Dream must retrieve his helmet, his sand and his ruby, the three elements that give it much of its power and that are now scattered throughout different parts of the world… and the underworld, in the hands of increasingly dangerous people and creatures. At the end of the video, another familiar face from the series awaits you, which coincides with each of Sturridge’s words.

The ten episodes of the first season of the Serie The Sandmanbased on the comics of the same name by Neil Gaiman, are already available in the Netflix catalog since last Friday, August 5. Though The Sandman It has not yet been officially renewed for a second season, its writers are already working on it.





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