The protagonist of Paper Girls was inspired by actors like Alec Guinness for her role in the series

The protagonist of Paper Girls was inspired by actors like Alec Guinness for her role in the series

Sofia Rosinsky, the actress who plays Mac Coyle in Paper Girls, talks about her character and about her acting influences to train as an actress, among whom she mentions Alec Guinness or Giulietta Masina.

Papergirls is the new Amazon Prime Video series that is committed to adapting in real image the comics by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chian. Its protagonists are Erin, Mac, Tiffany and KJfour teenage newspaper delivery girls who are forcibly transported to the future on Halloween night.

Sofia Rosinsky is the young actress who puts herself in the shoes of Mac Coyle in Papergirls. All the characters must face complex situations in their lives, but Mac is probably one of the ones who suffers the most since the beginning of the series.


Trailer of Paper Girls, the comic adaptation of Prime Video

Mac Coyle is toughto face the situation of poverty in which his family finds itself and the little care he receives from his brother and father, but the Mac that Sofia Rosinsky played in the casting it was not exactly the same as the one that ended up appearing on screen.

The Mac in the audition was much straighter, flatter, more direct, sort of a dead-eyed Mac.”, shared the actressand in the series he seems to have a little more enthusiasm, of going out and throwing things at people”.

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To model your character, Sofia Rosinsky was inspired by several classic movie stars such as: Betty Davis, Carol Kane, Alan Arkin or José Ferrer, but especially for Alec Guinness and Giulietta Masina. “They are all chameleons. They’re completely different on one paper and then on the next paper they’ve just morphed and you don’t even notice.”.

The first season of the series Papergirls is now available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog since last July 29. If you have been wanting more supernatural teenage adventures, many media have compared it to stranger thingsavailable on Netflix, although in reality their similarities stop there.





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