Predator: The prey makes Hollywood history with its premiere on Disney +

Predator: The prey makes Hollywood history with its premiere on Disney +

The new movie in the Predator saga has already been released on the Disney + platform.

Fans of the Predator saga they had been waiting for years for a new film that would remind them of that tension and violence who managed to transfer to the big screen the film that began the saga starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987. And it seems that the new Predator: The Prey has succeeded.

Despite actually being a prequel and only premiering on the Disney+ streaming service, Dan Trachtenberg’s film has achieved several milestones in Hollywood history. The first of them, without a doubt, to agree both critics and audiences with a new film of the bloodthirsty alien with dreadlocks.


Trailer for Predator: The Prey, the prequel to the iconic sci-fi saga

But it is not the only one, because La presa has also made film history by being the first Hollywood film with a cast made up entirely of Native American actors who, in addition, are the main protagonists of the history of the tape. “We have made a film telling the story of people who are not normally appreciated.”

“Some people who, normally, in popular culture always they usually play the hero’s assistant or the villain, they are never the heroes“, explained the director in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment. However, the new Predator movie has not only honored Native American culture with its cast but also with its language.

Criticism of Predator: Prey (Prey), the first film in the saga set in the 18th century


Well The Dam is the first Hollywood film to be fully dubbed into the Comanche language.. In fact, on the Disney + platform it can be seen as it has been shot, that is, in English with some fragments of the Comanche language, or completely in the Comanche language, which is what its protagonists speak.

“Showing that indigenous people also exist and know how to do everything adds a lot of value to everything that has been seen so far. Normally in a period film it was rare to see them as normal people because they were always either wild or too spiritual,” he assured in an interview Amber Midthunder, the protagonist of The Prey that is now available on Disney +.

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